Coaching Offers

I love to share my knowledge in Jazz-/Popchoir leading, Vocal Painting, Youth Choir leading and Voice Theory. If you're interested in a Workshop or Coaching with me, don't hesitate in contacting me. Below I have a list of different examples of workshops or Coachings I can do with your Choir/ Vocal Group or Choirleaders.


The Youthchoir This workshop is specialy designed for youthchoirs. We will work on sound, voice technique and songs of your choice. All based on Voicetheory for Singers between the age of 13 to 21 and the experience I gained by working for many years with 'Voice Event'.

The emotional performance: how can we include emotions in the music in order to touch the audience and add a whole new dimension to singing together in a group. In this workshop we will approach emotional singing with different exercises and work together on specific songs of your repertoire.

Choir leading with a singers perspective This workshop is designed for choirleaders, that want to build up their repertoir and get new ideas on how you can help the singers in your choir. We will work on guestures, talk about voice theory, psychology and other important fields that have an impact on how the people sing and use their voice.

Vocalcoach for Public Appearance

Voice Training for people in leading positions

How does your voice effect the perception others have of you? How to improve your voice in order to be a better leader and how to prevent vocal sickness in your daily live?

In this Coaching, I will show you techniques, exercises and tricks, to improve your voice and the way you use it when you are speaking to other people in a leading context. I can offer group coachings (up to 5 people) or individual sessions. Contact me, if you are interested!